Posted on Aug 03, 2011
A terrible car accident occurred this Saturday in Brownsville, Brooklyn, taking the life of the driver and a 13-year-old girl "hero."

Kira Goddard was playing "manhunt" outside with her friends in the evening on Saturday, July 30th. Around 10pm, an SUV backed into the group, pinning Goddard to the wall of a building, instantly killing her.

The driver, Sean Lewis, 44, was also killed. It was later revealed that he had been stabbed in the torso prior to the accident. Lewis had been arrested nine times since 1984, but the New York Times reports that it was never for a major crime. According to neighbors and people who knew him, Lewis was "Responsible." His ex-wife claimed Lewis went to pick up a repayment for a loan. It was then that he was presumably stabbed, but authorities have not confirmed this yet.

Lewis had been out of a job since 2005 due to a back injury, and his girlfriend suspected he used the damages from his injury lawsuit to buy the Range Rover that eventually killed him and Goddard on Saturday.

Lewis, who lived in the area, was driving erratically and had hit several parked cars on Goddard's block. He  then stopped and went in reverse, directly toward the kids. Goddard, who was described as a caring, maternal friend, yelled for all to flee. Unfortunately, after everyone else had escaped, it was clear Goddard was frozen with shock. The SUV hit another car, flipped over, and pinned Goddard into the side of her building, causing scattered debris. She died immediately and Lewis was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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