Posted on Jun 02, 2011
A Colombian billionaire's son is in trouble for a hit-and-run he is alleged to have committed on March 29. The victim of the accident is looking for $100 million in the Manhattan Supreme Court (a/k/a New York County Supreme Court).

Ryan Coutu, 28,  was walking on 34th St. and 3rd Ave. when Andres Santo Domingo's Mercedes-Benz ran over his foot and slammed his elbow. Coutu fell in pain and sustained nerve damage in his arm. He had surgery on his elbow. He also suffered a herniated disk. But before Santo Domingo, 31, drove safely away, Coutu was able to retain the license plate number on the car.

Coutu's lawyer is attempting to paint Santo Domingo as a heartless, spoiled, rich perpetrator who did not stop to let Coutu through and who did not stop to check on Coutu after he was hit. The plaintiffs are leveling a $100 million lawsuit specifically because Domingo is so wealthy.

Santo Domingo is the son of Julio Mario Santo Domingo, a Colombian brewer, who is ranked #108 on Forbes' list of richest people in the world.

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