Posted on May 24, 2014

Some scientists have said that the theory about a link between cell phones and brain tumors has been debunked. But others say not so fast.

Fox news reports on a study linking cell phones to brain tumors.

How many times in a day do you use your cell phone?  Many people do not even have landlines anymore, especially among the coming of age young generation that has grown up on cell phones since middle school.

But is it healthy to have such frequent cell phone use? “The heaviest users of cell phones may be at higher than average risk of being diagnosed with a brain tumor. The new results found no difference between regular cell users and non-users, which suggests that if there is a link, it is only applicable for people who claim to use their cell phone the most. Cell phones emit radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in the microwave spectrum, which may be cancer causing,” according to Fox.

Scientists have been looking into possible links for a decade now.

Doctors generally do not advise against excessive cell phone use yet. But many studies and statistics show that it could be harmful.

Fox explains, “In 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency on Cancer classified this cell phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic, based on existing studies. Researchers interviewed the participants about their past cell phone use, with questions about the model of phone they had used, how long they had used it, the average number and length of calls made and received each month and whether the phones were used for work. ‘Regular users,’ who had used a mobile phone at least once a week for at least six months at a time, were no more likely to have a tumor than those who had never used a cell phone. People with the longest cumulative duration of calls, or more than 896 hours on the phone, were about twice as likely to have a glioma or meningioma than people who had talked less.”

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