Posted on Apr 23, 2012
A hit and run last month plunged a Long Island neighborhood into tragedy after a dedicated PTA mother was left in critical condition due to an accident while biking toward her children's school.

45-year-old Ellen Meany of Massapequa, Nassau, was cycling southbound, against traffic on Unqua Road around 11:30am on Thursday, March 8. She was nearing Unqua Elementary School, where her three young children study.

She unfortunately nicked the mirror of a parked car and fell into traffic. A car travelling northbound then ran over both the bicycle and the woman, but never stopped.

The school surveillance camera caught the incident and the local CBS affiliate reports the car to be a pacific blue Ford Taurus or a Mercury Sable, likely manufactured between 1996 and 1999. According to latest reports, Nassau County police hadn't found the suspect but were searching through body shops and looking for witnesses.

Mrs. Meany was airlifted to Nassau University Medical Center in critical condition with serious head injuries. The following day, overwhelmed parents, neighbors, and school leaders were consoling one another as well as the classmates of Mrs. Meany's children.


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