Posted on Jun 02, 2011
Last week, a Long Island Railroad train rushing at full speed crashed into a truck, killing one and injuring two commuters. Commute was delayed temporarily and has been blocked off ever since in the immediate vicinity.

The driver of the truck, Ahmad Karimzada, 48, was killed on impact. Karimzada was driving west and turned north onto the train tracks at 6:30 am. His fatal error was to go around the downed gate, which signaled no entry.

The train hit the truck with full force, sending pieces of the truck in all directions, and breaking the windshield on the train. Of the 300 morning rush hour passengers, only two suffered injuries, including a broken shoulder.

A post-accident investigation by the MTA Police determined that the crossing arms were lowered. Karimzada made the mistake of driving around the arms. A warning bell had been sounding at the moment of the crash,.

Last year, 21 people died due to LIRR trains, 15 of whom were suicides.

Karimzada, a native of Afghanistan and resident of Flushing, Queens, had delivered Thomas' English Muffins for three decades. The accident came as a terrible blow to his family.

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