Posted on Jun 14, 2013

Many people drive on a daily basis, especially if they live in the suburbs. We drive to work, drive our children to school; basically the average person relies on their car for every form of transportation. Our cars are important tools but also dangerous weapons if not driven safely or if there is some kind of design defect. Most never think that at some point they could possibly lose control of their vehicle. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened to one man from Suffolk.

A man in his mid-twenties passed away after his car went out of his control. The car actually went over a guard rail and into a Vietnam Memorial in Farmingville according to Newsday. The man was driving a 2013 Subaru.

He had a passenger in his car as well. The passenger was an adult male who was taken to Stony Brook Hospital with serious injuries. Darrell Lacrosse, the driver, was only twenty-six years old. The passenger, Patrick Baptiste, is also twenty-six and originally from Virginia.  

According to the news article, it is not clear whether the accident was the fault of the driver or a mechanical defect in the car.

Possible causes of such an accident:

  • Driver error
  • poor weather conditions
  • inattention
  • distracted driving including the use of mobile phones and texting while driving
  • other cars inattention such as someone cutting another off
  • mechanical defects involving recent repair that was not performed correctly
  • manufacturing defects
  • product liability defects
  • car manufacturer recalls

Following an initially unexplained accident, especially one involving a death, is usually followed up and investigated by the police while on the scene. There could be contributing factors to how and why a fatality occurred as a result of the use of car, bus, truck or other motor vehicle.

There are specific safety rules designed for motorists to protect other motorists and pedestrians from tragic accidents like these.



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