Posted on Jun 22, 2013

Riding motorcycles are dangerous. Anyone who rides one or buys one is aware of the possible risks.

Last night, around 12:45 a.m., a 37-year-old traffic enforcement agent was thrown from the back of a 2012 BMW motorcycle.

The traffic enforcement agent was off duty she was on the Belt Parkway, near Pennsylvania Ave, with an unidentified 42-year-old male. The couple were traveling eastbound  in East New York when the accident occurred.

The duo hit a barrier along the Belt Parkway while rounding a curb causing the NYPD employee to be ejected off the back of the motorcycle. The victim was launched into the air and landed in the westbound lanes where she was run over by an oncoming yellow taxi cab.

The cabbie, rather than stop and check on the victim, simply drove away.

Both motorcyclists were taken to Brookdale Hospital, located on Brookdale Plaza in Brooklyn. The driver of the motorcycle suffered laceration and bruises but was reported to be in stable condition. Unfortunately his female passenger was was pronounced dead.

It is suspected that being run over by the taxi is what caused the death of the female victim.

According to the Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, there have been no arrests, the police are continuing to look for the cabbie who fled the scene and the investigation is ongoing.

According to the article, the driver of the motorcycle is not expected to face any charges because he was not intoxicated and had a valid license.

Keep an eye out for taxi cabs with heavy front-end damage.

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