Posted on Sep 21, 2011
A Nassau County woman last month won a verdict of $20 million for crippling injuries sustained after being hit by an MTA bus in Long Island City, Queens.

The accident occurred on June 15, 2009 when Alfreda Kusz was 57 years old. She was crossing Jackson Avenue when the bus, driven by Jose Mateo, turned off of 23rd St. Ms. Kusz's lawyer claims she had obeyed all traffic rules. The judge and jury agreed with his evidence.

Ms. Kusz's right arm and right leg below the knee had to be amputated after the damage. She had also lost vision in her right eye. The Queens Supreme Court ordered the city to pay the $20 million in installments over the course of a 24-year period.

The MTA plans to appeal, but did not comment further. Their appeal will be based on the fact that, although they concede the traffic signals were in Ms. Kusz's favor, it is not clear that she was in the crosswalk, which could account for Mr. Mateo not having seen her prior to the accident. The judge in this case dismissed the claim because he believed the right of way was clear in this case.

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