Posted on Nov 28, 2011
A bizarre lawsuit has been filed after a bicyclist hit a pedestrian earlier this year in Central Park, Upper East Side.

The incident occurred at 6:30am on June 15 on a bike lane near 69th Street and East Drive. Triathlete Sabine von Sengbusch, 46 -- a healthcare administrator by profession -- was bicycling along her bike path when Meghan Rohan, 28, a lawyer, walked into it -- 'recklessly,' according to Ms. von Sengbusch.

Although pedestrians have the right of way and Ms. Rohan suffered a broken elbow, she is now being sued for the collision. On the other hand, even though Ms. von Sengbusch finished second place in a triathlon out on Long Island on October 1, she claims to have suffered “great physical pain and mental anguish” with “painful and permanent” injuries. She was allegedly unable to work after the crash.

This is the latest of many conflicts between cyclists and others in the city, and does not bode well for the Department of Transportation's proposed "bike-sharing program," in which bike stations, totaling around 10,000 bicycles, are set up throughout the city for rent from one bike station to another.

Hunter College recently released a study claiming over 1000 bicycle-pedestrian accidents occur every year throughout the state -- mostly found downstate.

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