Posted on Apr 29, 2012
The estate of a now-deceased New York man run over by an off-duty cop last year is suing the responsible cop for wrongful death damages.

At around 2:30am on May 22, 32-year-old Brian Beardsley, New York State Police trooper, was travelling in his pickup truck and ran over 29-year-old Chad E. Finch. Mr. Finch was lying face down after a night of drinking. Investigators say he was alive before the accident. Mr. Finch has had troubles with alcohol in the past.

The lawsuit, filed with the state Supreme Court, Saratoga County, alleges Beardsley's negligence caused Mr. Finch pain and suffering because he was conscious before his death. The lawsuit was filed by Lisa Chamberlain and Megen VanNostrand, both mothers of Mr. Finch's two children, ages 7 and 10. They claim he had supported the children and that they were on the hook for medical and funeral bills accrued after the accident.

A month after the accident, officer Beardsley left his job, but it is not known whether he resigned or was fired. In September, a pending felony charge for leaving the scene of the crime was dropped by a grand jury. This was because a driver is not required to remain on the scene if there is no one available to report to. On the way from the impact, Beardsley had his girlfriend call 911. He later met with authorities, who determined he had not been drinking.


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