Posted on Feb 14, 2012
A tragedy took the life of a pregnant teen and her unborn child on her due date, when the speeding car they were in crashed, killing two and injuring two others.

16-year-old Daniela Abreu, who lived with parents in Inwood and went to George Washington High School, was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital in an effort to save the life of the child but she suffered a miscarriage on impact.

She was in the backseat of a 2012 Chrysler 300, owned by driver Eduardo Nunez, 30. The car, which held five individuals, was determined to have been recklessly speeding and dangerously switching lanes on the Major Deegan Expressway near the Cross Bronx Expressway interchange, when Nunez lost control at 12:15am. The car swerved on a grass shoulder, hit a concrete wall, and slid into a concrete pillar, ending in a mangled wreck. It was unclear whether and who had worn seat belts. Firefighters had to extricate the victims from the car.

Nunez, the driver, was pronounced dead at the scene. A 22-year-old backseat passenger, Jose Henriquez, was also killed. Raymond Batista, 21, in the front passenger seat, suffered severe head trauma, and Garcia Abel, 18, in the backseat suffered hip, leg, and back injuries. Both were in critical condition according to latest reports. Abel was in stable condition.

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