Posted on Jul 20, 2013

Numerous teenagers walk through-out the city to meet their friends. Would you ever expect your child to get killed on a normal afternoon walk? One teen was walking cautiously through Ozone Park on Thursday evening when she was suddenly struck and killed.

The eighteen year old teenager was walking through Ozone Park in Queens when she was suddenly run over and killed by a truck. She was crossing one hundred and thirty second Avenue at Rockaway Boulevard in St. Albans according to NBC News. It was only six o’ clock in the afternoon thus there was plenty of daylight out; it is surprising to many that the truck driver did not see her in time.

The driver was in a 1999 International Truck. Authorities stated the man was going north on Rockaway Boulevard and was turning left onto 132nd Avenue when he ran over the victim. This is known as a busy intersection; the truck driver stated that he did not see the young teen before turning.

The victim suffered from serious head and chest injuries according to medical personnel. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where she went into cardiac arrest. The girl was pronounced dead soon after she arrived.

Authorities are still investigating the accident to figure out exactly how it happened. Witnesses were interviewed on scene but anyone else with information is being urged to come forward. The truck driver has not faced criminal charges yet but the investigation is ongoing at this time.

The victim’s family has not issued a statement yet. 



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