Posted on Jul 28, 2011
A Land Rover plunged off of the FDR Highway bridge on the east side of Manhattan at 23rd Street earlier this month, landing on a taxi cab, injuring 8, but killing no one.

The peculiar accident occurred on Saturday, July 16, at 3am. Eric Bryant, 38, was allegedly cut off when he lost control of his Land Rover, forcing him to drive through a guard rail and off the bridge. He was carrying six other passengers with him. The taxi, which cushioned the SUV's fall 20 feet below, was waiting at a red light at the time, without any other passengers.

The taxi driver, Atif Raza, 23, was not harmed much. He was grateful to be alive and promised to pray more, but is not yet comfortable returning to the wheel of his vehicle. Several of the people in the SUV were able to make their way out of the car, while others required help from emergency workers.

All eight involved were taken to Bellevue Hospital. Four suffered minor injuries, two were in serious condition, and the other two were in critical condition. Bryant had lost his ear, while a female passenger had her leg amputated.

No charges have yet to be leveled and Bryant, the driver of the Land Rover, was determined to be sober.

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