Posted on Jul 30, 2013

Parents are often worried about their children crossing busy streets. Motorists frequently go above the speed limit on main roads and highways which results in parental fears growing about their children walking in such areas. One Long Island family is facing a serious issue today after their young daughter was hit by a car in a busy intersection.

A fourteen year old girl was hit by a large SUV on Sunday. She was crossing the four-lane Nesconset Highway when the accident occurred. The young teen is a resident of Ronkonkoma.

 According to authorities the girl was run down just after eleven thirty at night at the Middle Country Road Intersection. Police told ABC News that the youngster was crossing the intersection with a friend. She was trying to cross the westbound lane when the SUV hit her.

Apparently the motorist attempted to veer off to avoid hitting the teen but it was too late. The driver and his passenger were unscathed. Authorities have impounded the SUV to check for safety defects and other possible problems.

The young teen was rushed to Stony Brook University Hospital. Authorities have not released any details regarding her specific injuries. ABC News reported that the young girl was in critical condition when medical personnel took her to the hospital and it is unknown whether she has been stabilized.


 If a lawsuit is brought, we have to show that we are more likely right and wrong that the driver of the car was careless. We need to show that the driver of the car violated New York State motor vehicle rules. Every driver in New York is required to see what is there to be seen.

When investigating a case like this, it is critical to try and identify where the girl was walking, whether in the street, on the sidewalk or somewhere else. Was she in a designated and marked sidewalk? Was she walking in an area with a traffic light that controlled the flow of traffic?

It's important to know whether there was any lights in the area as well as what type and color of clothing the young girl was wearing and in which direction she was traveling.

Likewise, it is critical to understand what the driver of the car was doing. Was he in a rush to go somewhere? Was he distracted? Was he listening to loud music? Was there other significant traffic at that time? Did he have a vision or hearing problem?

Investigating why the accident happened is critical to understanding whether there is negligence and carelessness on the part of the driver and/or pedestrian.

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