Posted on Feb 08, 2014

Nose jobs have become increasingly popular around the country. Even many teenagers get nose jobs today. But do people know all of the facts before getting one?

Fox news reports on a little known possible side effect of nose jobs.

Many people who undergo nose jobs actually experience a change in their voice that their physician did not warn them about.

Numerous nose job recipients are unhappy with the nasal voice side effect that they experienced after getting a nose job. One surgeon who specializes in ear, nose and throat surgery told Reuters, “The results from 27 surgeries showed that "the voices changed in statistically significant ways.” He claims however that some of the recipients were still satisfied with their nose jobs.  

“A team of linguists and speech pathologists detected more pronounced nasal sounds in test words like "man" and "namak" post-surgery after listening to voice recordings of the patients. The results were confirmed with patient self-assessments and a computer program that analyzes acoustic sounds. About one in 1,250 U.S. men and women had a rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure in 2012,” according to Fox.

The side effect brings up interesting points and reasons why physicians should make those seeking a nose job aware of the voice change before getting the procedure.

Fox explains, “Writing in the February issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Khazaeni and his team say that if nose jobs, also called rhinoplasties, can change vocal sounds by narrowing a person's nasal cavity, people who rely on their voice for professional reasons should be made aware of this possible risk.”

But some plastic surgeons disagree. One surgeon from New York City told Fox, “Of the more than 2,000 rhinoplasties he has performed, Constantinides said only one patient expressed concerns about more voice nasality after surgery.” 


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