Posted on Jul 20, 2013

The fire department is an extremely important resource in New York City. Most people expect that red fire truck to show up quickly after they call for emergency help. But on Monday when a fire truck was on its way to an emergency call, the driver of a van carelessly slammed into the truck.

The fire department in Williamsburg, Brooklyn got an emergency call around eleven o’ clock in the morning on Monday. Firefighters immediately piled on to one of their trucks and headed towards their destination. But they ran into a problem along the way.

 The driver of a van was not paying attention and crashed into the fire truck while it was en route to the site where the call came from that morning. The black van hit the truck at the intersection of Marcy Avenue and Hewes Street just after eleven when the truck was dispatched. The impact of the crash caused the fire truck to jump the curb.

Four people were injured in the accident. Three fire fighters were rushed to Bellevue Hospital. They are expected to survive their injuries. One civilian was also injured and taken to a nearby hospital in a Hatzolah ambulance. He is expected to recover as well. The driver of the van is said to be unscathed.

Police said the fire department was responding to a call on Bedford Avenue. They went on to say that luckily the fire did not turn out to be a serious incident, especially because the fire department was not able to come.



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