It was supposed to be a simple hernia surgery. Same day, in and out, surgery. No problem.

The doctor convinced her there was nothing to worry about.

During the surgery the patient's bowel was accidentally punctured. The gyn cancer surgeon who was operating on the patient went ahead and fixed it without calling in a bowel surgeon.

Over the next two days, no one could understand why her blood pressure was dropping. She got sicker and sicker with each passing day and her kidney function got worse as well.

Finally, another surgeon rushed the patient to the operating room to re-explore her belly to find out what was happening. What he found was astonishing.

As a result of his findings, they now knew why her condition was getting worse and worse.

Ultimately, because of the massive unrecognized infection known as sepsis, this patient died hours after her second surgery.

Watch the video to learn what the surgeon found inside her belly during her second surgery.

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