Avastin was touted to be the miracle cure for breast cancer patients. It had been proven to choke off the blood supply of the tumor in other types of cancers and had been approved for breast cancer treatment. Avastin happened to be the most popular and best-selling cancer treatment drug for breast cancer. The FDA recently pulled the drug off market because of recent studies that confirmed that the risks far outweighed the benefits.

Recognizing that possibility, the FDA said that this medication can be prescribed by a doctor "off label." What that means is that there are significant risks associated with the medication and doctors can still prescribe it for their patients as long as they recognize significant potential for suffering injury.

Continuing to take this medication will be an extremely expensive proposition. Your health insurance company will likely no longer pay for this medication that costs almost $100,000 per year. According to news reports, Medicare will continue to make payments for the medication, but it is unclear for how long they will continue to do so.