As a young attorney trying car accident cases, my boss taught me something very important...

  1. SPEED
  2. TIME

My boss was a very smart and very experienced trial lawyer. Early in my career I represented people who were sued in car accident cases and medical malpractice cases. It was during that time I learn this very important lesson.

If I'm trying to find out someone's speed, I need only ask about TIME and DISTANCE. Then I can calculate what their speed was. 

If I want to find out the distance they traveled, I need only ask about SPEED and TIME.

If I want to learn about the length of time it took them to travel from point A to point B, I need only ask them about SPEED and TIME.

As long as I can get those two parameters, I can calculate the third.

However, as I soon learned when questioning witnesses during pre-trial question and answer sessions known as depositions, the answers are not always as precise as I'd like them to be.

That's ok and I can still use their estimates to give me a range in which they were traveling.

Watch the video to learn even more...

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