An out-of-work chef was told he needed his gallbladder taken out. It was going to be done laparoscopically. It was "routine." The healing time was minimal and there was no need for an extended hospital stay. The doctors call this procedure a 'laparoscopic cholescystectomy'.

Shortly after the surgery my client started having significant abdominal pain. Calls to the surgeon's office brushed off the his complaints as 'normal post-operative pain'. After two weeks of unremitting belly pain, the patient was told to go to the closest emergency room. An MRI and CT scan revealed the patient needed emergency surgery right away to explore what was going on in his belly.

After surgery at a different hospital, the surgeon told the patient that his common bile duct had been clipped off during the original surgery. As a result, bile continued to back up causing significant pain. During the emergency surgery, the patient required a 12 inch massive abdominal incision so the doctors could explore his entire belly. He also required drains for more than six months sticking out of his abdomen.

The common bile duct should never have been clippped off during the gallbladder removal. The fact that the surgeon failed to recognize it, is a departure from good medical practice. If he had recognized the misplacement during surgery, the clip could have been removed and properly placed.

This surgeon's carelessness resulted in significant pain and the need for emergency surgery for this patient and almost a year of recuperation. 
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emmy 03/01/2011 06:17 AM
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eric kolehouse 01/12/2012 02:13 PM
my daughter went in for gallbladder surgery in vincennes in.they clipped both bile ducts then she was bleeding to death he then took a staple gun and started stapling her insides to stop the his final report he put she had one staple three weeks she was sent to iu medical center and they saved her indiana we have a cap for what we get in a the question i have do the lawmakers have children and if so what value do they put on there life.
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