I will share with you what I don’t say my videos…

  • I don’t talk about myself.
  • I don’t talk about my law firm.
  • I don’t talk about how many years I have been in practice.
  • I don’t talk about how much I really care.
  • I don’t talk about how I fight for injured victims rights.
  • I don’t talk about how I am a serious attorney.
  • I don’t talk about how I only handle serious cases.
  • I don’t talk about parking at the office.
  • I never talk about my competitors by name.
  • I never talk about the law, with one exception.

There's a key reason why I don't talk about those things in my legal marketing videos. Want to know what it is?

It's that you, the consumer, simply don't care about those things. They don't matter to you.

You don't care that "I really, really care." All lawyers say that. So what?

You don't care that "I fight for injured victims' rights". All lawyers say that, along with all the other things I mentioned above.

None of those things matter to an injured victim.

Question: If none of those things matter to an injured victim searching for an attorney, why do lawyers still talk about them? I don't get it. Actually, I do...and here's why.

Lawyers love, love, love to talk about themselves. They love to tell people how great they are. They love to boost their ego. They love to tell you how long they've been in practice, as if that's the only reason someone would hire them. The other reason is that most lawyers are not very creative. It takes years to change their mindset and way of thinking about marketing and advertising.

The other important reason is that many lawyers simply copy what their competitors do, mistakenly believing that if someone else in their legal niche is doing it, it must be working, so I should do it too.

As of today, I have over 1400 educational videos on YouTube to teach and educate my ideal clients and consumers. Yes, that's more than one thousand four hundred videos! 

I receive calls and emails each day from people who watch my videos and contact me for more information about their particular legal problem. They share these videos. They 'like' these videos. They leave comments on my videos. They are interested in what I share in these videos.

BTW, I don't talk about the law, except for talking about the time limits for specific cases like medical malpractice and wrongful death cases. Want to see what I talk about in these videos? Click here to watch a few of my videos.

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