You think you're the victim of wrongdoing by a doctor or hospital.

You don't know any lawyers personally.

You don't have any friends who know a good medical malpractice lawyer.

What can you do to find a good medical malpractice lawyer?

Here are your options:
1. Look in the yellow pages
2. Watch daytime TV and wait for the loudest TV commercial screaming "HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED? IF SO, CALL ME."
3. Remember a catchy phone number from a billboard you pass each day on the way to work
4. Look in the classified ads
5. Go online and do a Google search

Let's examine each to see what information you can learn about whether a particular lawyer is right for you.

1. Yellow pages.

Look carefully at each ad to see if you can distinguish one lawyer from another. I've been in practice over 20 years and can't tell one lawyer from another. Yes, one has a full page ad; one has color; one has the total number of years all the lawyers have been in practice; another says they're open 24/7; another says they offer free parking; another says they handle 10 different types of law.

The problem with the yellow pages is that none of the ads give you any information to explain how these lawyers can help solve your legal problem.

2. TV commercials are usually 30 seconds long. They show pictures of crashed cars; sirens in the background; people in an ambulance. So what? How does that explain how they can help you? How do you know if that lawyer is right for you? I can't distinguish one lawyer from another after watching a 30 second TV commercial. How do you know if they've handled cases just like yours? What type of law firm is it- a large firm, a small firm? Who handles your case on a day-to-day basis?

The problem with TV ads is that they don't explain anything. They just shout at you.

3. Billboards: These are even worse than the yellow pages or TV ads. Why? They give no useful information. "Call Me, at 1-800-I SUE FOR YOU" or some other cheesy catch phrase. How can you tell anything about a law firm from a billboard ad? Who are these people? How many cases do they handle? How many lawyers are in their firm? Who handles my case on a day to day basis? Do they give free information in a book or pamphlet?

The problem with billboards is that unless you pass it each day, you're unlikely to remember the number. Even if you do, ask yourself what information that billboard tells you. If you simply switch someone else's name and phone number, can you tell the difference between the two attorneys? If you can't, how can you tell if that lawyer is right for you?

4. Classifieds: Again, like the billboards, these offer zero information. Who searches in the classifieds? Everyone looking for a bargain, or a used car. What information does the classified ad tell you? Nothing, except that "I'm a lawyer and here's my number."

The problem with classified ads is they don't give an injured victim any useful information that will allow them to make an intelligent decision about who to call, and who to hire as their lawyer.

5. Go online: This is the best way to search for an attorney if you don't know one. Do a google search for a medical malpractice lawyer in your State. Go onto YouTube to search for attorney videos. Look at the lawyer's website. Look critically to see what information they offer. Does the lawyer offer free reports on their website? Do they explain how lawsuits work? Do they have free informational books about medical malpractice? Do they have free video tips that help explain the legal process. Do they have more than 10 FAQ's that every lawyer seems to have? If the lawyer has video on their website, look carefully to see what information the attorney provides. Are they simply telling you how great they are, or are they explaining different types of cases they handle? Does the lawyer help you understand what an experienced lawyer looks for when evaluating a case?

CONCLUSION: Only by looking critically at the information an attorney provides online can you begin to make an intelligent decision about which attorney is right for you.
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Tom St. Louis 06/12/2009 01:21 AM
Good observations pertaining how lawyer ads do in the yellow pages. Could it really hurt their reputation by just adding in their ads how in the world would they help the prospective clients? It’s a good start to do so.
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attorney 06/24/2009 08:53 AM
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