That's a fact.

Here's a good analogy...

A 16 year old get's their driver's license. They have zero experience driving on the highway. Would you feel comfortable driving on the highway next to a newly-minted driver with zero experience?

Same thing with a doctor who just graduated from medical school and is now starting their specialty training at a hospital. There they're known as interns or residents. It's also known as the PGY-1 year, which stands for 'post-graduate training-year 1'. They're really young doctors-in-training and supposed to be supervised by senior attending doctors.

The problem is that although New York state recognizes they're now licensed doctors and have finished their formal schooling, they still don't know much and need to be constantly supervised by senior doctors.

The next time a young doctor in training comes into your room and tells you that you need X,Y or Z, ask him (or her) how long they've been in practice. Ask him what year training he's in. Ask him who is supervising doctor(s) are and what they actually supervise. Don't be afraid to ask. You're entitled to know who is treating you and what their training level is.

Then, you can make an educated decision about whether to agree with his treatment recommendation or not.

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