Millions of babies are born premature around the world every day. This new report by BBC expounds on an inexpensive and highly important technology that is being used to save prematurely born babies.

According to BBC, “Every year more than 20 million babies are born prematurely or with low birth wait- and an estimated 450 of them die each hour.” New studies show that these deaths can be avoided simply by keeping the babies in a warm state. The article goes into detail about one mother whose baby was born prematurely at just 1.2 pounds. Her baby was kept alive in a warm glass box in the ICU.

The science behind the importance of keeping the baby warm is that, “a baby’s body temperature drops as soon as it is outside the controlled environment of the mother’s womb. So just after labor it’s important to regulate the temperature” according to BBC. Unfortunately premature babies have barely any body fat so they need to be kept in warm incubators.

GE Healthcare created the Lullaby baby warmer; it is an affordable way to keep premature babies healthy. It costs around $3,000 and is considered much more inexpensive than other traditional models. It also uses less power than traditional baby warmers. The product was originally created for people in third world countries such as India where most cannot afford proper healthcare. But the product is being sold in more than eighty countries today.

There is another new item, which is even more cost effective than the baby warmer; it is called the baby bag. It does not use power instead it has a removable heating element. There are vast benefits; for example it only takes thirty minutes to heat the removable part thus using less power and also mothers can be in contact with their babies. In traditional methods, such as keeping babies in glass incubators, mothers cannot hold their babies at all.

Numerous parents are extremely excited about these new technologies. They feel that they can cut back on costs in healthcare and give their babies more hands-on care. 



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