You suffered injury because of someone's carelessness.

Maybe it was a careless driver. Maybe it was a careless doctor. Maybe it was hospital staff who were negligent.

You are now searching for an attorney to help you obtain  compensation for all the harms and losses you suffered.

You don't know an attorney. Nor do you know someone who can refer you to a trusted lawyer.

You are inundated with lawyer advertisements and lawyer messaging. TV advertisements, radio ads for lawyers, and even attorneys taking out teeny classified ads in the newspapers.

Which lawyer is right for you?

You decide that none of those attorneys are right for you and instead go online to look for the perfect attorney here in New York to help you solve your legal problem.

To make matters worse, you are now flooded with hundreds of lawyers in the search results. How do you choose which lawyer is right for you?

Let's go back to the statement I made in the headline above.

"Should you look for an attorney who gives you a guarantee?"

The headline is a play on words.

I say that because no attorney in New York can ever guarantee you a particular result. Ever.

Even lawyers who have been in practice for 10, 15, 20 or more years and have experience handling your exact type of case, can never ever guarantee the outcome of your matter.

You may ask yourself what guarantee I was referring to in the headline of this article. That's a fair question. The guarantee has nothing whatsoever to do with the result and attorney obtain for you.

Instead, they guarantee refers to customer service and client service that you expect and should receive from every single lawyer and every law firm you talk to.

Here's a few examples of some great guarantees that I personally use in my law firm...

  • "We guarantee to teach you and educate you about how your medical malpractice case works here in New York."
  • "We guarantee to call you each and every month to check in on you and to update you on your case, even if nothing is happening."
  • "We guarantee to give you a free copy of our consumer action book that will help you understand what will happen in your type of case."
  • "We guarantee to return your call within 24 hours as long as we're not on trial."
  • "We guarantee to have your calls answered by an attorney and not a paralegal or a caseworker."
  • "We guarantee to give you an educational newsletter each and every month."

These guarantees I refer to have to do with how the attorney and his law firm makes you feel as you proceed forward with your case. That's a big difference than guaranteeing your outcome.

You will never find an attorney who guarantees you a particular result. If they do, demand that they put that in writing. Then watch what happens.

To learn even more about how lawyers are similar to watch companies in what they can and can't guarantee, I invite you to watch the video below...


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