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  • Kidney Dialysis Leads to Bloodbath & Death You would think going to dialysis is a routine thing. You have to go every other day to “wash your blood” of contaminants. Your kidneys are not working well
  • 911 caller gives correct address. Dispatcher doesn’t get it right. Patient dies. That’s what happened November 14 when a frantic woman called 911 after her husband was gasping for breath in Wainscott on the East End of Long Island. The dispatcher failed to ask the caller for the nearest cross-street and also failed to recognize the address that popped up on the computer screen. Newsday reported today that since the emergency call was made from a landline, the caller’s address immediately showed up on the computer. The dispatcher ignored it. Here’s where the problem arose: That address, 419 Montauk Highway is the same address for four different adjacent towns on the East End of Long Island. Those four towns are Wainscott, East Hampton, Montauk and Amagansett.