Not a chance.

Not by a longshot.

You might get past the secretary and actually make the appointment.

However, on the day of your visit, I guarantee that once your doctor sees you on his patient list for the day, your appointment will be cancelled.

Let's go back for a minute...

You like your doctor.

No, actually you loved your doctor.

He was smart.

He was brilliant.

He had a great bedside manner.

He was charming.

Until he caused you harm.

Until he was careless one day.

Until he misread and misinterpreted your blood work.

That delayed your diagnosis.

By ten months.

That made all the difference in the world.

Your cancer was growing out of control during that ten-month period.

You're treating oncologist told you that if this had been diagnosed ten months earlier, it would have been stage I and easily treated.

It would not have spread.

Now, after you have been diagnosed, your doctors tell you that you are stage IV.

It has spread.

Throughout your body.

It has metastasized.

The doctor gives you six months to one year to live.

This is not right.

This is not fair.

All because your doctor failed to properly read and interpret your blood work.

Your family urged you to bring a lawsuit against your doctor.

You never did this before.

You didn't want to ruin his reputation.

You liked him.

You loved him.

He always treated you well.

Your family convinced you that they were right.

Your doctor was not going to voluntarily compensate you for all the harms, losses and injuries you now are experiencing.

Your doctor was not going to pay for your kids college education out of his own pocket voluntarily.

You don't have much longer and quickly realize your family was right.

Yet throughout your lawsuit, you felt guilty.

You felt bad that you had to bring a lawsuit against your doctor.

You almost forgave him.

You didn't want to believe that he caused the delay in diagnosing your cancer.

Your attorney tells you that you have a good solid case.

He tells you it is unlikely your case will go to trial.

Your attorney tells you that the defense will probably settle your case.

The problem is that he doesn't know when.

Nor does he know if you will still be around when your case finally settles.

You have a more pressing question.

"If I am able to settle my lawsuit quickly, can I go back to my doctor, the one I sued, for ongoing medical care and treatment?"

When you raise this issue with your family, they think you're crazy.

They think you're nuts.

They start yelling and screaming at you.

They make you feel bad for thinking that somehow you'll be able to go back to your doctor as if nothing happened.

The reality is that they are right.

The reality is that your doctor will not take you back as a patient.

Your physician-patient relationship is done.

It's finished.

What was once based on trust, has evaporated.

There is no longer any trust between the two of you.

Yet you have the illusion of continuing your medical care with your doctor.

You try and make an appointment with his office.

You're thrilled that the receptionist made a new appointment for you.

You spend weeks thinking about what you'll say to your doctor and how you'll apologize.

However, once the doctor learns that you are on his patient list for that day, I can pretty much guarantee that your appointment will be immediately canceled.

I can pretty much guarantee that the doctor will refuse to see you.

Your best alternative is to seek out another physician immediately in order to continue your medical care and treatment.

To learn what happened when a doctor altered a patient's medical records, I invite you watch the quick video below...


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