Cataract surgery is supposed to make you see better. Unfortunately, when a doctor recommends having surgery when you don’t need it, the outcome can be life-altering.

A woman with "near-perfect" vision was told she needed cataract surgery. The reality was, surgery never should've been recommended for her. In addition, surgery never should have been performed for this woman with a very mild cataract. Following this “routine” procedure, she couldn't see. After two weeks of total frustration and being unable to see clearly, her ophthalmologist thought he may have made a mistake in calculating the strength of the intra-ocular lens that was implanted during cataract surgery.

The second surgery was performed much too quickly and failed to give the patient sufficient time to heal in order to allow swelling around the cornea to go down. To complicate matters, the eye surgeon had a very difficult time removing the first lens and then switching it out with a different strength lens. The second procedure was also a failure.

Currently, she has no usable vision in her damaged eye.