The patient had a fixed bridge on his upper jaw. He kept going back to the dentis for evaluation. The dentist, over time, failed to recognize that there was decay under the fixed bridge. Despite many repeated visits and dental restorations that continued to fall out, the dentist kept telling the patient that he just didn't have good teeth or bone structure.

Ironically, the dentist never took x-rays of his teeth under the fixed bridge. It wasn't until things deteriorated that x-rays were finally taken. By that point, those remaining teeth were hopeless. Extractions need to be done. Surgical procedures needed to be done. Extensive corrective dental work needed to be done.

As a result of the dentist violating basic safety standards of care, this patient required extensive dental restoration, corrective surgery, and implants in order to bring his teeth and his dental condition up to basic standards of what you would expect in today's society.

Amazingly, the dentist and his counsel fought this case up to trial, refusing to accept responsibility or accept that he had violated the standards of care required for a dentist here in New York.

This litigation proceeded almost to trial before we were able to successfully resolve this case in favor of my injured client.

Dentist Violates Basic Safety Rules...$150,000 Settlement Prior to Trial

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