Why is that important?

It's extremely important for you to be kept in the loop of what's going on with your case at all times. I'm not just talking about you picking up the phone to ask a particular question. I'm talking about regular and frequent status updates from the attorney or the law firm letting you know what is happening on your case at every step of the process.

Here is a list of questions you should ask any law firm and any attorney you are considering hiring for your accident case, your medical malpractice case or your wrongful death case:

  • How often do you call me to give me status updates?
  • How often do you mail letters to me giving me status updates?
  • Do you answer questions by e-mail?
  • If I want to come in and meet with you can I do that?
  • Do you send monthly newsletters letting me know what's going on with you and your law firm?
  • Have you written any consumer-oriented books that will help me understand how the litigation process works here in New York?
  • Have you created a series of videos that will help educate me about how my lawsuit process is going to work?
  • Do you have hundreds of frequently asked questions and answers on your website that will help me understand how my particular case will work? 
  • Do you have hundreds of articles and blog posts that focus on the type of case I have in order to teach me and explain to me how my type of case works?

The reality is that most law firms do not have a system in place to consistently keep you in the loop about what is happening on your case at every step of the process. Instead, most attorneys adopt a haphazard approach of responding only to client calls when you have a question. Some law firms go so far as to send you a letter every few months to give you a quick update.

Really smart attorneys create a systematic approach that allows you to stay in the loop to know exactly what is happening at every step of your lawsuit process.

Over the course of my career, I have found that the more communication I have with my clients, even when nothing specific is happening in their case, is extremely important and creates long-term satisfaction with my clients.

I have found that including my clients in what goes on behind-the-scenes, creates a much more well-informed consumer who understands what is happening and why.

In my practice, I have a system in place were I speak to every one of my clients every single month personally. Not only does it help me learn what's happening in your life, and how your injuries are affecting you, but it gives me an opportunity to let you know what's going on in your case every single month.

My clients love this feature because they don't have to track me down, nor do they have to shrug their shoulders when barraged by questions from family members and friends about what is happening on their case.

Many clients have reported to me that when they encounter other people who have ongoing lawsuits, that they are often frustrated with their attorneys because:

“My attorney never calls me."

"My attorney never sends me letters."

"My attorney never tells me what's happening on my case and I always have to track him down to find out the answers to my questions.”

"My lawyer doesn't call me back and I have to leave five messages before I ever get a return phone call."

"My lawyer doesn't respond to my e-mails."

"My lawyer has no literature, pamphlets or booklets that help teach me what I need to know.”

My clients are pleasantly pleased when I let them know that I have four consumer-oriented books that help you understand how the lawsuit process works in the state of New York.

Those books are available for immediate download here on my website or alternatively, you can purchase them on Amazon.com for $16.95 each. Those books are:

  • “Secrets of a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney” 
  • “Doctors Gone Wild” 
  • "Beyond the Emergency Room Doors” and
  • "In Case of Death.”

In addition, I'm also pleased to show potential new clients that I have hundreds and thousands of articles and blog posts on my educational website that explains how lawsuits like yours work here in NY. In addition, I have created over 600 educational videos to teach and educate you how these cases work.


Before you decide to hire an attorney, make sure to ask them these questions. The answers will be very revealing and will help you decide which attorney is right for you.

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