Years ago, it could take one to two weeks. Currently, jury selection typically takes on average, two to three days. Many factors will determine the true length of jury selection.

Some factors to consider:
  • the availability of jurors at the courthouse
  • the number of lawyers involved in the case
  • the complexity of the case
  • if there are jurors who are familiar with either the lawyers or the participants in the lawsuit, they may be automatically disqualified to serve on the jury
  • the availability of jurors to sit for the duration of the case
The administrative law judge of New York has taken great steps to streamline the jury selection process so that jurors do not have to wait around for days before being told whether they are selected as a juror on a case. Once you are selected, you are given instructions and told when to return. This is much different than 15 or 20 years ago when jurors were selected and had to sit around the courthouse waiting for days until the entire jury was selected before receiving instructions on what to do.