When your child grows, there are generally accepted ages at which they typically meet their developing body's milestones.

For example, a pediatrician will want to know when your baby first sat up on his own; when they rolled over; when they started to crawl; when they started to walk; when they started to talk; eat, and so on.

If your child is not meeting those developmental milestones, you need to ask your pediatrician "Why?"

The answer will usually be vague.
"We don't know..."
"Let's see..."
"We'll watch it..."

They may even send you and your baby to a specialist, such as a pediatric neurologist for evaluation.
Children who have delays in reaching their milestones want to know whether the reasons for these delays had anything to do with their labor and delivery.

Doctors do not usually like to point fingers at each other, and that may account for some vague answers.
To get the answers, you often have to have an experienced attorney obtain all of your pre-natal records, your labor and delivery records as well as all of your baby's treating medical records. He or she will then review the records and have different experts review them as well to evaluate the possible causes for your baby's delays.