"OBJECTION JUDGE! That's hearsay!" the defense lawyer yells.

"OBJECTION JUDGE! Mr. Oginski is badgering my witness."

"OBJECTION YOUR HONOR, he's leading the witness!"

Each objection is simply to alert the judge that one attorney has a problem.

A problem with the question being asked.

A problem with the document being offerd into evidence.

A problem with the way the attorney is treating the witness.

This now alerts the judge that he has to immediately assess the problem and come to a decision.

Does the judge agree with the attorney who has a problem with the question or evidence?

Or does he disagree?

If he does not agree with the lawyer making the objection he will say "Objection overruled!"

That means the question is appropriate and the witness must answer the question.

If the judge says "Objection sustained" it means that the question is not appropriate and the witness is NOT to answer the question.

To learn more about objections that are used in civil lawsuits in New York, I invite you to watch the quick video below...

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