A pre-trial conference is an opportunity for the attorneys and the judge to know whether your case can be settled. Your lawyer will often make a settlement demand at that time. The defense will likely not have had the case evaluated by their experts or their in-house insurance experts.

The defense will likely not have had an opportunity to present the case to their committee that evaluates whether to offer money on a particular case. The defense lawyers will usually ask for some time to accomplish this.
The judge will then give the attorneys another date to return and report back to the court. At that time, the judge will want to know what the insurance company’s position is with regard to their settlement posture.

Are they willing to negotiate?
Is there money on the table?
Is this a no-pay case?

All of these things will determine what happens next. In all likelihood, if your case cannot be settled, the attorneys will be given a final date for jury selection.
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