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  • Eye doctor improperly performs cataract surgery causing patient to lose vision Read what happened to a woman who had near-perfect vision and was told she had a cataract in her eye. She was advised that she needed cataract surgery to remove the cloudy lens and needed to replace it with an artificial lens. Learn why this surgery never should have been performed. Learn what complications the ophthalmologist encountered two weeks later when he prematurely performed corrective surgery to switch out one lens with a new one. Read why this turned out to be a cataract surgery nightmare leaving the patient with virtually useless vision in one eye.
  • Actual Testimony of an Attending Orthopedic Surgeon A woman goes in for a 'routine' partial knee replacement. She comes out of surgery with pain behind the knee that never goes away. The surgeon says it's nothing. Turns out the surgeon mis-positioned the hardware and didn't fix the hardware properly using orthopedic cement. Four months later, her partial knee had to be remove and she required a total knee replacement. This could have been avoided had the surgeon taken intra-operative x-rays to check the positioning of the hardware.
  • Orthopedic Intern Testifies in Knee Replacement Lawsuit This is a question and answer session of an orthopedist in training, an intern, who assisted during surgery in a case involving a woman who went in for a 'routine' partial knee replacement. She came out of surgery with pain behind her knee that refused to go away. The orthopedic surgeon said it would get better. Turns out the surgeon mis-positioned the hardware and didn't secure the hardware properly using orthopedic cement. Four months later, her partial knee had to be removed and she required a total knee replacement. This could have been avoided had the orthopedist taken intra-operative x-rays to check the positioning of the hardware.
  • Read actual testimony of a podiatrist in an improperly performed bunion surgery case. A podiatrist told his patient the bunion surgery was a routine procedure. There were very little risks according to him. During the course of surgery, he improperly positioned the bones fail to take into account what effect shortening specific bones would have on the rest of the foot. Read the trial testimony of this podiatrist to learn more about this improperly performed foot surgery case that went to a jury trial and verdict in the state of New York resulting in a verdict of $1.55 million for the patient.
  • Podiatry Malpractice- The foot surgery goes well, but the doctor fails to recognize a wound infection that gets worse and leads to the patient's death nine months later. This is the continued pre-trial testimony of a foot doctor who failed to timely recognize a patient's bone infection that led to her death. The doctor is defiant and believes that he did nothing wrong. Yet he could never explain why he never diagnosed the patient's osteomyelitis. Early and prompt treatment would have prevented this patient's unfortunate death.
  • Emergency Room Doctor-Misdiagnosis Leads to Permanent Nerve Injury Read the pre-trial testimony of an emergency room physician who was caring for a young man who came into the emergency room with a painful shoulder. This young man left the hospital crippled. Learn what this doctor knew at the time.
  • A UROLOGY DISASTER- De-identified Deposition of a Board Certified Urologist A young man's urethra was totally destroyed by a urologist in New York who failed to treat him properly. Read the de-identified deposition of the urologist to see what the doctor knew, and more importantly, what the doctor did not know. It's a great read.
  • ORAL SURGEON BOTCHES DENTAL IMPLANTS- De-Identified Deposition of a Dental Implant Disaster Learn about a man who went to an New York oral surgeon for implants and wound up with a mouth full of improperly placed implants and no teeth. Read how this dentist who put in the implants incorrectly, defiantly explains that what he did was perfectly acceptable. It's a fascinating read. You'll be amazed at the answers and explanations.
  • Orthopedist Fails to Properly Set Fracture An orthopedist at a Brooklyn hospital fails to properly set a fractured arm, and fails to recognize that the arm is angulated. The orthopedist refuses to acknowledge the disfigurement in photos of the patient or the severity of the angulation of the fracture.
  • Surgeon Tied Off Ulnar Nerve While Repairing Laceration Read what happened when a surgery resident is called in to evaluate a patient with a severe arm laceration. Through a mixup in communication and departures from good medical care, an unknown surgeon who repaired the laceration also improperly tied off the ulnar nerve causing permanent damage.