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  • What happens when the defense concedes liability and now the only issue is how much money to award? In New York, an injured victim must show (1) there was wrongdoing, (2) the wrongdoing caused injury and (3) the injury is significant and/or permanent.
  • Car Crash in NY; "Why Speed, Time & Distance" Can Make or Break Your Negligence Case You may not realize it, but speed, time and distance can make or break your car accident case here in New York.
  • Car Crash in New York; "Why Speed, Time & Distance" Can Make or Break Your Negligence Case You may not realize it, but speed, time and distance can make or break your car accident case here in New York.
  • Can You Keep Out Harmful Information at Your Car Accident Trial in New York? You got into your car to head home. You really felt good. You felt you were able to drive. You didn't feel like you were driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Bicycle Accidents- Getting Doored in New York Getting doored while bike riding sucks. Big time. I know. It happened to me. I know others it happened to. It's frustrating. It's aggravating. It's careless and preventable.
  • The Car Crash Lawyer For People With Broken Bones How do you choose a lawyer when you’ve been involved in a car accident in New York? You have so many choices. How can you make the RIGHT choice? Here are 5 tips to help you decide which attorney is right for you:
  • NY Negligence Lawyer-The Large Law Firm Trap You've been injured. You're searching for a law firm. You think only a large New York law firm that handles negligence cases is the right one for you. However, after doing your research you realize that a large Manhattan law firm may not be right for you. In fact, you probably need a small law firm or a solo practitioner to represent you in your car accident case. Read the full article to find out why.
  • Queens Bicycle Rider Hit By Car at a T Intersection-New York Accident Attorney Explains My client was out riding his bicycle on a beautiful sunny Spring day this year, on a quiet stretch of road in Queens. He was approaching an intersection where cars were coming off of the Grand Central Parkway exit ramp. As a driver coming from the Grand Central heads down the exit ramp, he is left with one of two choices as he approaches the T intersection: Either turn left, or turn right. If you are going to make a left turn, you must get into the left-hand turning lane. There is a stop sign at that T intersection for cars just getting off the GCP exit. In this case, a driver coming off the Grand Central Parkway exit ramp got into the left-hand turning lane and proceeded to stop at the Stop sign. A good thing he did. However, instead of looking to his left, which is where he was intending to turn, to check for oncoming traffic, he looked to his right and removed his foot from the brake and applied the gas. As he did so, he proceeded to hit my bike-riding client-who by the way was in the middle of the intersection, on the right side of his body, throwing him to the pavement. A trip to the emergency room revealed a fractured finger, that days later required surgery to correct. An MRI of the knee revealed damage to a tendon, which required arthroscopic surgery to fix. In addition, my client suffered a significant shoulder injury requiring extensive physical therapy. This young man, who was wearing his helmet at the time of impact, was a computer programmer and because of the injury to his finger and surgery, had great difficulty typing and performing his job duties. Recuperation and physical therapy has helped him regain function to his finger and hand, and he performs strengthening exercises each day. This accident was preventable. The careless and negligent driver had only to look to his left to see what he should have seen. Had he merely looked to his left, he would have seen my client riding his bike peacefully on a beautiful Saturday morning. Instead, through the negligence of this driver, my client's day was turned upside down.
  • NY ACCIDENTS-Are you in the 'Zone of Danger'? If you think the "Zone of Danger" is a place in the end zone, think again. If you think that "Fear of Impending Doom" is what happens to you if you damage your parent's car, think again. Learn what the "Zone of Danger" is and how it applies to accident victims. Find out what "Fear of impending doom" is and what it means to an accident victim. Both are legal concepts that have a very big impact in proving an accident victims' pain and suffering in New York.
  • NEW YORK CAR ACCIDENTS- 12 Key Deposition Techniques in a Car Accident Case How to take a car accident deposition. Learn deposition techniques that will help you conduct your deposition. Learn the key points you need to establish when questioning a defendant in a car accident case in New York.