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  • Baby dies in-utero. Mom can bring case for her own emotional distress. Just how much is mom's emotional distress worth in New York? The New York Times is reporting a new facet of medical malpractice law in New York: stillbirth emotional distress. In 2004, the NY Court of Appeals allowed
  • Botched Delivery Results in $4.3 Million Award for Brain Damaged Baby Mercy Medical Center, of Canton, Ohio, has agreed to pay $4.3 million in damages to the family of a baby girl who was born with permanent brain damage.
  • Obstetrical Errors and Malpractice in New York Today's tip is about birth injuries and brain damage. There are instances where a baby will be deprived of oxygen at the time of birth where they are not delivered in a timely fashion, or where there may be a problem with the baby's heart rate. And as a result of nobody recognizing that the baby's heart rate has dropped, and no one is delivering the child in a timely fashion, that may result in significant, permanent brain damage for the child.
  • Erbs Palsy, Brachial Plexus Palsy and Klumpke's Palsy Today's tip is about Erb's Palsy, and, importantly, what is it that you see when a child has Erb's Palsy? In most instances, you're going to recognize that there's a problem with a child when they are hanging out on the playground playing with your kids, or you see them walking in the street on a nice summer day, or maybe you have a friend of yours come over and they're playing with your child at home. And what do you notice? You notice that the child does not use one of their arms much. You notice that their hand is much shorter and appears to be almost shrunken than the other arm. You notice that they favor one particular arm.
  • Untimely C-Section and Developmental Delays Today's tip is about a failure to timely perform a C-section. Why is that important? Because when you fail to timely deliver the baby, the baby may suffer a lack of oxygen. That's known as hypoxia or anoxia. Anoxia means total lack of oxygen. Hypoxia means a decreased amount of oxygen. Well why is that important? Because if the baby...
  • Cross-Examination Of An Expert Medical Malpractice Witness In An Erbs Palsy Case I had the privilege of questioning an expert in an erbs palsy case last week. In Federal Court the parties are permitted to question experts prior to trial