Posted on Jul 21, 2011
30-year-old Chinese ex-gymnast, Sang Lan, has received a $10 million settlement after suing in a US District Court in Manhattan for injuries sustained from an injury at the 1998 Goodwill Games.

Ms. Lan injured her spinal cord when the mat to cushion a vault maneuver was removed from her landing space. She fractured and dislocated two vertebrae and was left paralyzed from the chest down after the accident. Ever since recovering, she has toured at speaking engagements and has become a celebrity among paraplegics.

Her initial health care was provided for her by the United States, for which she is grateful. Chinese defendants were included in her settlement to help pay for medical care and rehabilitation in Beijing.

The original lawsuit sought $1.8 billion from AOL Time Warner Inc., USA Gymnastics, TIG Insurance Co., TIG Specialty Insurance Solutions, Riverstone Claims Management LLC, among others. AOL and USA Gymnastics were later dropped from the suit.

The settlement went for $10 million over the course of Ms. Lan's lifetime. During the negotiations, Lan stayed in Nassau County and will be returning to Beijing, where she will live with her boyfriend and attend public functions and speaking engagements for approximately $230 per month.

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