Posted on Sep 11, 2013

A young man lost control of his remote control helicopter in Brooklyn while trying to perform a trick. After losing control of the 6 pound chopper, the propeller sliced off the top of his head. According to law enforcement officials the 19-year-old victim died Thursday afternoon due to the accident.

The victim and his father were in Calvert Vaux Park at Shore Parkway and Bay 44th Street in Gravesend. According to witnesses, the helicopter enthusiast was performing a trick with the model helicopter when something went tragically wrong. The aircraft boomeranged and sliced off the top of his head as well as part of his shoulder.

One of the witnesses told reporters that this was a scene he will never forget, it was very scary. The victim’s neighbors said he worked at Kennedy Airport and was a world-recognized flyer that choreographed routines with all kinds of model helicopters.

Just a few days ago the victim posted to his facebook page that it was a “great day for flying.” He also had a YouTube page where he uploaded videos of his helicopter flights and tricks. The teen was a member of the Seaview Rotary Wings, where his father is also the vice-president. Seaview Rotary Wings is a Brooklyn-based club for model helicopter enthusiasts.

The father-son duo flew remote controller helicopters almost every weekend, sometimes even traveling to competitions.According to this facebook page, the victim graduated in 2012 from the High School for Construction, Engineering and Architecture in Queens.

According to an expert with the company Rotomotion, no permits are needed to operate remote control helicopters, but it is highly recommended that the hobbyists take extensive lessons before flying one. When the proper precautions are followed, accidents are rare.

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