Posted on Oct 15, 2013

Numerous people take additional supplements to help them sculpt their body. But a new report shows that a particularly popular muscle-enhancing supplement contains a drug similar to meth.

Many people take Craze to help sculpt their abs and muscles. Fox news reports this supplement contains a drug that most consumers are unaware of when buying it. “The popular body-building supplement Craze contains a stimulant similar to methamphetamine,” according to Consumer Reports.

“In a study published in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis, researchers tested containers of Craze purchased from an American and European online retailer, as well as containers from a major U.S. chain store. Two labs independently identified the supplement as containing the unlisted ingredient N, alpha-DEPEA, which has never before been studied in humans,” according to Fox. Most people are unaware of the fact that many supplements contain ingredients that are unlisted and may be harmful to consumers’ health.

A doctor from Harvard Medical School who was the lead author of the study told Fox, “What’s particularly alarming about finding a completely new drug, in this case a close cousin of methamphetamine, is that we have no idea how it will affect the body. Will it be addictive? Will it stimulate the heart and increase the risk of heart attacks? It has never been studied in humans, so we don’t know.”

The study shows that other supplements that contain the same plant extract as Craze also probably have meth in them. And being that the supplements do not list all of their ingredients if a consumer does fall ill from the supplement the consumer might not realize that the illness traces back or was caused by an ingredient in the supplement. “Based on Craze’s dosage recommendations, users could consume up to 35 milligrams of the stimulant, leading researchers to suspect that this was not a minor contaminant or undiscovered trace component of the supplement,” according to Fox.

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