Posted on Jul 26, 2011
A terrible accident at a construction site took the life of a Vermont worker last week in upstate New York.

Michael B. Loyer, 46, of South Burlington, VT, was working on new water piping just south of Plattsburg just before 10:30 am on Monday, July 18. The work was being done under the railroad bed in the town of Port Kent, for his company Trenchless Technologies of New England -- a subcontractor for Steven E. Fuller Excavation, Inc., of Keeseville, NY.

Loyer was operating a Barbco auger (a large, truck-sized mechanical drill). He was using the tool to clean a pipe, three feet in diameter, when the auger somehow got stuck, threw him off, and crushed his body to the ground. A coworker, Noah Rounds, used a backhoe (a large, yellow excavation truck) to move the auger off of Loyer. Rounds and Timothy Clark, another coworker then administered CPR.

Local police and emergency services son arrived and Loyer was taken to CVPH Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 11:04am. On Tuesday, an autopsy revealed he had died of multiple blunt force injuries, and that the death was accidental.

New York State Police and OSHA are investigating the incident.

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