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Former Palm Beach County Neurosurgeon Sentenced

Posted on Jan 20, 2008

Former Palm Beach County Neurosurgeon Sentenced

By Rebekah Price
Former Palm Beach County neurosurgeon, David M. Baron, was sentenced in a Ft. Lauderdale federal court Friday for felony convictions of prescribing scheduled drugs illegally over the internet.  David Baron was indicted in early February 2007 as part of a Florida-based internet prescription ring netted by the DEA.  He received 25 months for each count, followed by 3 years of conditional supervised release.   Reportedly, he is currently facing other charges in Iowa related to similar offenses.  Baron may also face more felony charges relating to back-due child support totaling over $330,000.

David Baron opened a neurosurgical practice in Loxahatchee, Florida in 1986, becoming the first neurosurgeon in the western communities of Palm Beach County.  He practiced in South Florida until he relocated to Pueblo, Colorado in 1996. In December 2000, David Baron voluntarily surrendered his Florida medical license in order to avoid further prosecution in a disciplinary action related to malpractice.  He continued to practice in Colorado until his license was suspended in 2005 by the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners, at which time he moved to Anaheim Hills, California to live with his mother. In 2007 Colorado Board of Medical Examiners formally revoked Baron's medical license in connection with several malpractice cases and the DEA's felony indictments.  

According to investigative reports taken before sentencing, David Baron admitted to drug use throughout his medical career including marijuana and cocaine.   As part of sentencing, Baron is ordered to attend a drug and alcohol treatment program.  Baron will serve each 25 month  sentence concurrently and will voluntarily surrender to the designated federal facility by noon on or before March 8, 2008 to begin serving his sentence.

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