Posted on May 24, 2014

Doctors are now cautioning patients about food warning labels. Should you and your children be eating foods that come with a warning label? How healthy are they?

Time magazine reports on foods with a warning label.

Processed and frozen foods have become a staple part of the American diet. Many experts have been cautioning about the vast consumption of these foods as they have led to growing obesity rates.

Now many doctors and researchers are saying that warning label foods are even more damaging that previously thought. “At the World Health Organization’s 67th Assembly, junk food is even more damaging to public health today than tobacco, and that warning labels should be posted accordingly on the implicated foods,” according to Time.   

People often think that calling junk food worse than tobacco is a stretch but contrary to popular belief this assertion is quite provable.

Time magazine reports, “The argument that junk food (whatever, exactly, that is) does more damage globally than tobacco is far more defensible than it may at first seem. As far back as 1993 we knew that the combination of eating badly and lack of physical activity was just behind tobacco on the list of leading causes of premature death and chronic disease in the United States. When the analysis that produced that original list was repeated a decade later that gap had narrowed due both to less smoking, and ongoing neglect of both feet and forks, with worsening epidemics of obesity and diabetes to show for it.”

Countless experts and doctors are emphasizing the importance of putting proper, noticeable warning labels on foods. They argue that most of these processed items should not even be considered ‘food’ at this point. Time explains, “Here’s what consumers need to know: they’re being marketed food that isn’t even, well, food. Which is why a skull and cross bone warning doesn’t go far enough—even on things like “toaster pastries” and breakfast cereal that contains marshmallows and drinks that contain a day’s supply of sugar and animal flesh that has now been processed into a concoction of meat, sugar, salt, and carcinogens. After all, we are talking about food. These things are not food. But I don’t think the ‘unless you want to die slowly and painfully, don’t eat this food!’ label goes far enough. Because unlike tobacco or alcohol, food is supposed to be good for us.”



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