Posted on Sep 06, 2013

Pregnancy is known to cause hair loss in many women. Thus numerous pregnant women take the drug Avodart to prevent hair loss. Many women who are not pregnant also take it. But new studies show that the drug has problems.

Fox News is warning women here about the serious side effects of Avodart. Research shows, “It can cause birth defects, and the risks can continue for several months after you’ve stopped taking it. Pregnant women don’t even have to take it to be exposed to the risks- just handling the drug may cause abnormalities in male fetuses.”

Researchers say risks are not limited to pregnant women, those who are not pregnant could experience harmful side effects as well. According to Fox, “There is little evidence showing that Avodart is effective in treating female pattern hair loss. Avodart is known as a hormone inhibitor.”

Avodart also has unfavorable side effects for men who use it. Fox reports that the effects of Avodart in men include, “decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, male breast enlargement and skin reactions.” However not all hair loss prevention drugs are considered harmful; the research concluded that drugs for hair loss such as Rogaine seem relatively safe.

Doctors are urging women to combat hair loss the natural way. This would include finding out whether they have some problem that causes hair thinning. Such issues include protein deficiency, iron deficiency, thyroid problems, lupus, hormonal conditions or some other underlying problem. Then the women could work on rectifying that issue. Protein deficiencies can be combatted by drinking protein shakes or increasing meat intake. Iron deficiencies can also be fought by increasing the intake of beans, meats and other healthy items. If one of these conditions does not end up being the problem then, “the specialist may suggest treatment with minoxidil,” according to Fox.

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