Posted on Jun 01, 2011
The Harold E. Mertz Building in Port Washington, Nassau County, is experiencing a bed bug infestation. The critters were noticed on May 17, and efforts to tackle the problem have been largely successful.

Three locations in the building were affected. After cleanup efforts, only one remains to be cleaned.

On May 17, trained dogs from the Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association sniffed and signaled the pests during a routine inspection.

After the discovery, clean up efforts were put into effect immediately. All affected areas were closed off and were sprayed with safe chemical pesticides. Other treatment in the remaining affected space is ongoing.

The origin of the bed bugs is still a mystery. However, the past decade has experienced a greater rate of bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs sometimes leave bites on our skin, blood spots on beds, fecal stains, eggs, and a distinct scent.

Organizations using the Mertz Building include the Community Chest of Port Washington, Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington, the Port Washington Community Action Council, the Port Washington Family Development Center, and the Twin Pines Community Food Cooperative and Charitable Thrift Shop.

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