Posted on Mar 13, 2014

Hospitals have a duty to use clean and sterilized products on all patients. But one hospital here in New York is admitting that they may have accidentally spread HIV to their patients through a dirty syringe.

Fox news reports on the hospital's announcement.

HIV is a serious problem in New York to begin with and now one Long Island hospital might have seriously compounded the issue.

The hospital negligently used an unsterile syringe on many patients. “A Long Island hospital is sending out over four thousand letters to patients recommending that they be tested for hepatitis and HIV because of risk due to an insulin pen,” according to Fox news.

The hospital first realized their mistake at the end of February. Patients are livid and scrambling to get tested for HIV. Fox reports, “In a letter dated Feb. 22, South Nassau Communities Hospital said patients may have received insulin from an insulin pen reservoir that could have been used more than once.”

The hospital claims that they are unsure of how many patients may have actually contracted the disease through the syringe. A spokesman for the hospital issued a statement saying, “No one was observed reusing the insulin pen reservoir, but a nurse was heard saying it was all right to do so. He says the hospital was recommending testing out of an abundance of caution.”

The hospital also says they think the risk as of right now is low. However, much is unknown at this point in time as these patients just began the process of getting tested for HIV. The hospital claims they are taking every precaution to prevent this type of blood contamination from happening again.

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