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Most Outrageous Lawsuits

Posted on Mar 02, 2007

Most Outrageous Lawsuits by hilemanhouse — published on March 1st, 2007 Stop or I’ll Sue! It’s one thing to be forced into a lawsuit — if you’re a passenger in a car accident and seek treatment, your health insurance company will likely reject the claim, so you’ll have to sue somebody. But can you really sue someone for flatuence or refusing to marry you? See these crazy, outrageous lawsuits that are costing us as taxpayers and consumers … Arrsonists Sue Insurance Company Two Michigan men set a small fire in their store to collect insurance money on the goods. The fire spread to the next building, which they also owned. After confessing to the crime, the men sued for a claim on the building they accidentally torched. Weatherman Sued for Inaccuracy Frivolous lawsuits aren’t just an American epidemic. A woman in Israel sued a local weatherman and TV station after his predicted sunny forecast turned to unexpected rain, which she claims gave her the flu because she was ill-prepared for it. Inmate Sues for Flatuence In Michigan state Case No. 9650302, a prisoner blamed his flatuence on the food he was served in the state penitentiary. The Michigan State Attorney’s office reports that lawsuits by inmates are on the rise — and paid for by taxpayers. Pirate Booty Falsifies Fat Content The Goodhouse Keeping Institute found a discrepancy on the Pirate Booty snack food nutrition label in 2001. The company cited a change in its manufacturing process and recalled the product. Several class action lawsuits were filed in various states. Robber Sues Bank! A bank robber knocked off a California Savings and Loan. He shoved the stolen money roll, which contained a hidden Security Pac, in his front pocket. The device leaked red dye and tear gas giving the robber 2nd and 3rd degree burns, for which he sued the bank and the device manufacturer. Bystander Distress As part of her mother’s medical malpractice suit, a daughter sued the doctors and hospital for negligent infliction of emotional distress because she witnessed her mother being rushed to emergency surgery in critical condition following a botched outpatient procedure. Golfer Hit With Own Ball, Sues A Maine woman was hit in the face with her own golf ball after it struck railroad tracks on the first fairway of Fort Kent Golf Club and bounced back. She sued the golf club for damages. Dude, Stole My Wave! One surfer sued another for stealing his wave. The court was able to establish guilt but dismissed the case because it could not agree on a monetary award for the pain and suffering endured having to watch another ride your wave. Firecracker Son Sues Parents A drunken man attending his parents’ house for a Fourth of July party went over to inspect one of his fireworks that didn’t ignite. The firework exploded in his face. He sued his parents, a co-worker who sold him the fireworks and his employer. Stalker Sues for Breach of Promise A Canadian man who’s served time for stalking a woman has enlisted in several lawsuits to sue her for breach of promise to marry him ‘Clap On’ a Lawsuit A New York woman sued the company that makes ‘The Clapper,’ saying she had to clap so hard to turn her appliances on and off that she hurt her hands and was unable to peel potatoes.

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