Posted on May 22, 2014

Many people are concerned about going to the dentist due to the extensive pain experienced when teeth are pulled out. So, what would you do if your dentist told you he was going to pull twenty teeth out of your mouth? One woman decided to comply with her dentist’s analysis and never made it home.

Fox news reports on this dental tragedy. 

One dentist decided to pull twenty teeth out of her patient’s mouth. The consequences were in fact fatal.

This dentist's license has been suspended after the patient died following extractions. The dentist decided to extract twenty teeth from the patient’s mouth in one sitting.

“The state alleges [the dentist's] actions led to the death of patient Judith Gan. The 64-year-old was having extractions and implants performed on Feb. 17 when she became unresponsive. She was transported to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield where she was pronounced dead,” according to Fox.

According to the Fox article, the dentist has not been able to prove why she needed to extract all twenty teeth in one sitting. Apparently the patient faced much bleeding in her mouth and possibly too much gas. Doctors said she had expired as soon as she reached the hospital.

Fox reports, “Among other things, the state alleges [the dentist] failed to respond appropriately when the woman's oxygen levels dropped, and improperly attempted to extract the teeth in a single visit.” The state plans to bring up various dental negligence related issues against [this doctor]. She could face permanent revocation of her license among other consequences.

The dentist's attorney denies the dentist did anything to cause the patient's untimely death. 


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