Posted on Aug 31, 2013

The school year is starting or just about to start for kids around the country. Before it begins one set of parents wants to caution other parents of children taking part in sports as well as others around the country about internal injuries. Is your doctor checking you or your child thoroughly enough?

Internal injuries unfortunately often go unrecognized. This article by Fox News explores the issue of internal injuries, especially those in child athletes. Numerous children get injured in school sport activities on a daily basis. The parents of one high-school sophomore want to raise awareness on this issue after the tragic death of their son.

Their son was playing high school football as a wide receiver when he was injured. The young fifteen year old was thrown a pass and as he reached up to catch it he was tackled from the front as well as the back. Fox states, “Doctors would later say the force of the impact was equivalent to a high speed car accident.”

After the tackle the high schooler tried to rejoin his team huddle but quickly collapsed. School officials and any medical personnel on scene had not realized that the boy was in bad shape after the tackle and did not check him. They finally examined him after he collapsed and realized he was in bad shape.

The teen was rushed to the hospital where his parents found out that he had suffered severe internal injuries to his liver. Sadly he died later that day. The parents of the young football player have made it their mission to educate other parents on the importance of having your child thoroughly checked out after getting injured and having children wear the proper safety gear. They say wearing helmets is not enough; children in all sports need to wear protective padding; and schools need to be alert and immediately check children properly after they are injured.

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