Posted on May 11, 2014

Experts report that statistically American children are more obese now than at any other time in American history. They contend that this is leading to various health issues such as diabetes in children of extremely young ages.

CBS news reports on American childhood obesity.

Experts say the main cause of this rapid increase in obese American children is sugar.

“How evil a villain is it? According to the new documentary ‘Fed Up’ (opening May 9 in select cities), sugar -- currently added to 80 percent of processed foods on U.S. store shelves -- is responsible for America's rising obesity rate, which is occurring despite the tremendous emphasis placed on exercise and portion control for those who are overweight,” according to CBS.

The biggest problem experts say is the rise of diabetes cases in children. Diabetes can lead to various other serious problems such as vision issues, amputations, dialysis, kidney problems and much more.

The statistics are alarming. CBS reports, “Of most concern is the increase in cases of obesity and Type-II diabetes among children, for whom early-onset diabetes was virtually unknown just a few years ago. And if current rates continue, by 2050, one in three Americans will have diabetes. Directed by Stephanie Soechtig (‘Tapped’),’Fed Up’ points a finger at the food industry, for increasing added sugars to ‘low fat’ foods marketed under the guise of increased health benefits. Fast-food chains and the makers of processed foods, the filmmakers say, are as big a threat to public health as the tobacco industry had been. Case in point: the food industry lobbied Congress to protect sugar from full disclosure on their products' nutrition labels.”

Many people think that by eating low fat food they are getting less fat and sugar but that is not always the case.

CBS explains, “And why is there so much sugar added to foods? Partly in response to the marketing of ‘low fat’ food products, to restore the flavor eliminated once fat is taken out. (For example, Hidden Valley's Light Ranch Dressing has half the fat of its regular ranch, but twice the sugar.) Any health benefits that might be achieved from reduced fat are offset by the increases in sugar, which disrupt the body's insulin levels and metabolism, increasing the body's storage of food intake as fat.”



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